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Archive for September 2015

Van Hire Horley A Great Service For Cleaning

There are days when I am too lazy to do anything. All I want to do is to lie down, stare at the roof, go to sleep and wake up again just to repeat the cycle. This laziness becomes really strong during the winter. I go to work but after work I do not find any motivation to do the cleaning or organize the cupboards and cabinets. Initially, I tried keeping a maid who came weekly for the cleaning tasks but she was way very expensive. Soon I had to get rid of this settlement.

Man and VanOne day, one of my office colleagues told me about an amazing service that could be hired for cleaning and organizing at affordable rates. This was exactly what I needed. I took the service provider’s contact number from her. I called the Van Hire Horley service. My experience with this service has been terrific right from the start.

The customer services office at the service desk of the Man and Van Horley service was very professional. I wasn’t expecting such a high level of customer services due to its affordable rates, hence the professionalism with which my call was handled came with a pleasant surprise. The polite lady shared the details of the services that are offered by this amazing team which includes cleaning, junk clearance, packing, pick & delivery, movement of furniture etc. The rates of hiring this service are quiet low as compared to the other similar services. I was already satisfied with the level of the performance and hired the service for organizing the kitchen cabinets.

In the evening, a very courteous staff member of the Man and Van Horley arrived at my home to help me out. Just like the customer services officer, this person too was extremely polite and professional. When I commended the good attitude of the staff of this exceptional service provider, he told me that they get trainings by their employers and are properly coached to treat their customer right.

I showed him the kitchen cabinets that were in need of desperate organization. He took the instructions very quickly and started working. Although, he was just a single person at work but I was amazed to see the speed and perfection with which he was performing his task. He quickly cleaned cabinets one by one and then reorganized the stuff in them. He made a pile of the expired products and showed them to me once his work was complete. He wanted to get an authorization from me before disposing them off, which I obviously approved.

My experience with this one of the kind service provider has been really great and hence I am writing this testimonial to endorse the high quality of the services that are rendered by this meticulous team. The staff members of this service are very hard working and they know how to please their clients with their exceptional attitude and performance.

Man And Van Windsor A Reliable Delivery Service

When it comes to choosing a delivery service, reliability is what matters the most. It is impossible for any client, whether it is a corporate company or an individual, to hand over their precious belongings to a service provider that will not be able to take care of them. Hence it is the most important factor for a delivery company to become trustworthy, so that the clients can rely on its services without any fear of losing their belongings.

I work for a local company in Windsor. Since I work in the logistics department, I mostly have to deal with the shipment of different consignments. When I had joined this company, there used to be huge problem every time a consignment needs to be shipped. The lack of company transportation and drivers was considered a big problem and the company management was about to approve a big portion of budget for acquiring its own trucks.

When I witnessed this situation, I went to one of the higher officials of the company and asked him outsource a delivery service as this would be much cheaper than purchasing the transportation vans. The company was financially weak and couldn’t afford to have too much money spent on the transportation costs. The officer told me that they have tried to hire many delivery services in the past, but after too many bitter experiences, the company management has approved the budget for the transport vans so as to avoid the losses that are caused by the negligence of the delivery service.

Since I had ample experience with the delivery services in the past company that I work for, I requested him to grant me a chance to find a reliable delivery service for the company. After some thought, he approved the idea and now I had one month to find a good and reliable delivery service. My first choice was my all time favorite Man and Van Windsor moving service. In my entire professional life, I have never seen any service provider offering as affordable and reliable delivery services as the Man and Van Windsor moving service.

Man and VanI am very pleased to write this, that after the first terrific experience with this fabulous service provider, my company commended my performance a great deal and I was immediately promoted as the manager of the logistics department. Not only this, the company management called off the plan for the purchase of vehicles and now the Man and Van Windsor moving service is assigned the delivery of every consignment.

The staff members of this efficient service provider are very honest and professional. They care of their client’s belongings as if they own them and that is the reason behind the success of this fabulous service provider. This meticulous team is not only hard working but they are also very courteous. Even our clients praise the good attitude of our delivery service. This is one of the best services in the United Kingdom.